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Hi Jaime! Do you believe that is sustainable? Stackoverflow need to receive your visit, because is a free service. Stackoverflow need to be renumeramete by publishers, companies finding new talents, etc. So, don't thing that your sugestion is a good, in many ways: 1) Sometimes giving a up vote, you can help others, 2) Is good practise see another awnsers, many times the best options is not a correct (chosen), 3) You can write a improved answer or comment something. 4) Stackowerflow depends of your visit to survive!

So, You can use the DuckDuckgo, but please, visit the page!


Of course! Someone just give me the same observation a few hours ago, he made a comparison with leechers (from the torrent times). Even though I do have a StackOverflow account I forgot to mention in the post that I always come back and enter the site for an upvoting to the answer or for a comment on the question.

Thanks for your comment!


Google does the same thing with most things. Weather, dictionary sites and other sites they take small excepts from and show on search results. They are basically killing the internet

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