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re: Hello, could you pls tell me what is advantage instead of using cucumber scenario? I don´t understand what is plus to use cucumber-tsflow. We wri...

The differences will be how step definitions are written, not the feature files.

The main benefit I see is that it provides type annotations, which allow the code to be extremely clean and understandable. Without these annotations, the code must have a lot of wrapping functions, which make the code harder to re-use. The documentation shows some examples worth looking at.


Why this shows me error telling that declaration expected after @waitForSpinnerToEnd()

@then(/I wait for spinner to end/)
public static waitForSpinner() {

export const waitForSpinnerToEnd = async () => {
await World.page.waitFor(200);
await World.page.waitFor(() => !document.querySelector('.spinner-three-bounce'), {visible: true});

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