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Discussion on: Daily/Morning Routine while in Bootcamp-- any tips?

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denvermullets • Edited on

to be honest, 930 is when i try to be in bed by. everyone laughs when i tell them, but idk, once you get used to going to bed at that time, it's not that bad. additionally, i fall asleep almost instantly. i think generally though i do go to bed around 10 and 1030 is the latest. if i'm up at 11 i know i'll have a rough day the next day. if i have too many nights a week where i'm up at 1030 i definitely feel it towards the end of the week. on the weekends i wake up whenever my body wants me to or when the cat wants me to since he's a fan of the early morning routine, haha.

the other thing i'll mention, i started taking a vitamin d supplement a couple of months ago since i'm definitely not outside as often anymore and honestly my mornings got a lot easier to jump straight out of bed. i'm not sure i buy into supplements like that but the only thing that changed in my routine was adding vitamin d and b12.