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Water should be available, too - not just the flavored fizzy sort, but ordinary water. Some people avoid soda and other sugary, fizzy drinks, and not just beer.

That said, I understand where you're coming from. Being stationed in Korea for 3 years taught me many things, including something I've told people over and over again. In my case, I don't drink - not for religious purposes, health concerns, or prior alcoholism. After 3 years of having to drink fairly heavily in Korea in order to avoid offending Koreans (it's really a form of diplomacy), I had the same two choices as anyone else who has gone to Korea for an extended period of time: Come back as a raging alcoholic or never touch the stuff again.

I'm one of the rare sort that took the second option, but I know it's all too easy (and common) for people to take the first option. Congrats on 2 years. I know it's been hard at times.


Yep I took the first option on the way back from Korea, that said I still dream of chimaek.... :P


I can't say I dream about chimaek. I've never met a beer I've liked and my experience with eating chicken growing up is ... traumatizing, so I don't eat chicken. I do miss eating beef bulgogi BBQ'd in the middle of the table and all those side dishes, but I don't really miss all the empty Soju bottles.

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