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re: Can you explain more - what does it mean for the website to be installed, and what will the user see as a result? I'm thinking of Google Docs or ...

I have videos, where I demo you the installation of the PWA - Progressive Web Apps on both Mobile and Desktop. Hope it helps.

Installing on a Mobile

Installing on Desktop

To clarify further, Zoom, steam or slack need not be PWAs but can be a regular desktop app. A regular desktop app is downloaded by you from a website, in say .exe format for example, and you install it by using the Wizard.

Whereas a PWA is a single click away from installing , and is installed by the above methods.

Hope the video gives you more clarity. Let me know if you still didn't get it, would be happy to help 🙂

You can try installing on : bit.ly/stick-it-notes

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