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Discussion on: How much experience you had, when you got your first dev job?

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David Brewer

I started into development in January of 2015, with what felt like no actual professional experience. I had helped make old websites, I had done automation work for a year or two and understood that process pretty well, but development wise I felt like I wasn't ready.

My first programming job was actually a position change. I worked Quality Assurance at a company as a tester and automation script writer for 2.5 years and when I asked about the position as a programmer they said "you already know our products really well, so you'll be a good fit." I was so happy to have the chance, but was not ready for how much I had to learn. College taught me desktop application development in mostly, and then some basics in Java. I went into this position with school experience, and started writing web applications in Java with the Grails framework. (Version 2.4.3 if i remember correctly)

So did I meet the requirements? No. They were willing to teach me, and that's the only real reason I got in. Now I've switched jobs and moved up and I try to mentor as many people as possible because I know coming into a new company, a new field, or any big change is hard.