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Discussion on: Were you born to be a developer?

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Dheeraj.P.B • Edited on

I wrote my first program on 4th grade(10 years of age) in QBASIC while I was at school and I enjoyed playing it as a kid. The idea that I can write a program to make a computer find the HCF which the teacher had taught last week, when many people I look up to, including my parents, had no clue on how to operate this expensive thing which is called a 'Computer', was very exciting for this reason alone 🙂. And simply because I enjoyed it, the idea of making a computer do intelligent things, by typing sentenes partly english and math, stayed in my head from that time onwards and I had always tried to do it again whenever I could get my hands on a computer.
Today I work as a software engineer and I have often felt that because I played around with a programming language as a kid, I have had an advantage over many of my colleagues while learning a new technology or a language. I feel that thinking of a solution on abstract terms and implementing it in a language can never be a problem if we were familiar with code from childhood.