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Discussion on: Developer Becomes Human

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Diana Coman

Hm, being scared is just a signal of a current limit of yours - as any signal, what you decide to do about it is entirely your choice at any time. Some limits you may decide to go against until you overcome them, some limits you may decide to leave in place for one reason or another - after all, life is both finite and limited in itself.

As to the entrepreneur, the curiosity would be: what would you ask him if you had a drink with him today? And note that - quite related - there is also the very valid and much-tested in practice scenario: "How did you make your 10mn?" "By starting with 20mn."

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Max Ong Zong Bao Author

Life is about choices, I'm a big believer of making your own fate and shaping your own
reality instead of just relying on external factors.

I'm really interested in how does he handle the highs and lows of entrepreneurship.

Since it is really a topic that is not discussed greatly.