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Discussion on: The Wasteland of Wordpress

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Diana Coman

Not sure what you have in mind re controlled plugin market place but hat wasn't my idea at all, no. Taking control of the (any) code that one uses, indeed. But that doesn't mean trying to/being concerned about what rubbish someone else might add. The point with V is simply that "adding" by itself doesn't do anything really - it matters who does it and it matters in a very personal manner aka to what extent and in what way you (the user) trust them (or not). Basically the view that you have on some software or another depends on the people you trust (and that's your choice, of course). In turn, it's really the network of people reading the code and signing it (or not) that matters most, not just the code itself nor some central controlling authority. The point is that the one running the code on their machine should have control as to what code they run, NOT that "Microsoft" (replace with any code-producer you want) should have or even attempt to have control, that's about it.