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  • I believe this post is unnecessarily disrespectful and may be against the code of conduct. I'd consider editing it and toning it down.
  • My whole point is that it shouldn't be respect or criticism, but there are good ways of getting away with doing both, because both are equally important.
  • Specially, you can make argument of the type "X is better than Y", but those are almost always framed by "under this specific circumstances".
  • This may be followed by a debate over which circumstances are more common, but eventually this may be settled, in the form of not a clear winner, but of guidelines of how to do things depending on what you need to accomplish.
  • Because the objective shouldn't be to "win", but to clarify this issues, as a community.
  • A community where you cannot discuss which approaches to software development are better is not a good dev community, but a community where everyone insults each other is not a community at all.
  • Tribalism actually encourages groupthinking, and prevents meaningful discussion as much, or maybe more, than excessive caution.
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