re: How a Type System Improves your JavaScript Code VIEW POST

  • Original JavaScript with traditional programming is very exciting. Moreover, just using Notepad ++ is more festive for us just as a casual hobby.
  • With TypeScript, React or Flow it is possible that we cannot execute directly with our browser but must be compiled first. And the end result is an enlarged file.
  • Likewise with various libraries like jquery, underscore and others we don't understand the original syntax of javascript itself.
  • The library as a tool is really needed like Codemirror, Mathjax, Katex.
  • Maybe for developers who are tied to tasks that require high productivity, certainly Typescript, Flow, React, jquery, undersore can help increase productivity.
  • But if we are only as experimentalists or as hobbies, we recommend experimenting with Original Javascript with traditional programming.
  • Three reference mainstays that we can use are: MDN, W3Shool and Stackoverlow.
  • This is my opinion, and your thoughts and yours must be different from mine.
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