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FYI, there are few, if any, things you can do in C++ that you can't in C#. The latter also supports unmanaged objects, pointers, and unsafe operations. And I'd argue that languages are getting harder to learn with new syntax being added constantly. Same goes for programming frameworks (.NET). Throw in OOA/OOD or TDD, something few students are ever taught, and now you're way beyond simple. It was far easier learning BASIC back in the day.


Thanks for the comment! As the saying goes just because you can do something, doesn't mean that you should. C# is all about being high-level and having certain things managed for you, whereas the opposite is true for C++.

You can make an operating system using C# as more and more tooling is coming out to allow people to do such things, but personally I wouldn't.

To me, this boils down to the last statement I made:

"It is getting easier and faster to do things, but by speeding down the highway you lose control over a few things... Sometimes important things. Take this as you will."


I don't agree that you "lose control over a few things" with C#. It would be more accurate to say that it's harder to dork yourself with C#.

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