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re: I have a couple of courses queued up in Udemy and I have a Pluralsight account I'm using, too. I have been concentrating on Python and JS (and just...

Oh, ok. Awesome! Well that all depends. Java and C# are two of the most popular languages one could study since they can do almost(if not) everything. Angular and React are popular among the front end side. SQL and mySQL are for the back end. There are more backend technology, I only mess with those two as of now. Ruby and Ruby on rails is another good one. There are a plethora of things you could get into. Are you trying to do more frontend, backend or full stack?

Aiming for full stack. I like to be able to jump in anywhere I'm needed on a project! I know we have a few Java repos at work so that will likely be a language I need to figure out at some point. MySQL I'm pretty familiar with and we just finished a project where we used DynamoDB which was very interesting!

My passion/hobby for the past few months has been testing out static website generators and I've built a little Hugo site to test out functionality. I've only just started mucking about with Gatsby, too.

Nice. Well u seem to be on the right track. Keep it up!

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