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Discussion on: The Full Stack Illusion

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totally agree with you.
I can do full stack when it comes to my own hobby projects or whatever but I would never accept a job that requires me to be a full stack dev. my moto is do one (or a few related) things and do them right. rather than be a jack of all trades and a master of none kinda deal.
in my current gig, I'm the backend guy. Im the person in charge of everything behind the REST api. I've decided to specialize in .net core and mongodb sometime back and I feel like I've mastered backend pretty nicely.
imho doing fronent/js requires a totally different frame of mind and it's too easy to do shitty app design/architecture when one person has too much on their plate with multiple different technologies.
I admit there are a few out there who do full stack right and I respect their abilities. but the industry really need to understand the point you're making in this article.

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Derek Shanks Author

I have nothing but love and appreciation for back end talent. It's not easy stuff back there. You are right, front end and back end are two very different mind sets. It is what works. Obviously you have a passion for back end. It'll prove its weight many times over. My passion is front end. I love making the visual experience worthy of the data a back end dev worked hard to ensure it displayed correctly in the first place.

There are a few full stacks I admire. Even then, I couldn't see them wrangling a museum archive of data and creating an engaging UI. An intense project like that would have to be split.

I would never want to touch the programming related to query'ing data for say an art museum. I have at least a dozen idea's that would make your data work proudly engaging though. It's time Mona Lisa smiles.

Thank you for your thoughts. I hope others will relate to some of our experiences.

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Sergey Khomushin

I fully support your point of view.