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For me, the turning point was when I realised I'm doing the same thing with props in React when I tried to implement server-side rendering with pure template literals in Node.js. Then it clicked, I basically doing the same thing when I pushed down the function arguments into multiple sub-components in my template literals experiment, hence we are prop drilling in both. I realised react is not hard, just it's simplicity hidden by it's syntactic sugar. I never went back to Vue.js.

This template literals rendering is a rather old experiment, but if anyone interested:


Yes! Totally agree – once you can relate the concepts to ones you know (the template literal example is a good one) it makes it easier to understand.

The sugar certainly makes React easier to work with later (probably part of why it's popular!) but can make for a bit of overhead initially. I think a careful and intentional introduction to concepts like JSX can help :)

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