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G'day / Kia Ora

I am an Australian born New Zealand resident. Therefore I am a "Kaussie" by my definition.

I am a developer, network engineer, trainer, writer and ... a ton else.

I am a huge fan of .NET / C# / Winforms and SQL Server. I'm sure I can pickup and move to just about any other database and most other languages but I like where I am

Oh ... I gotta say that I HATE web development.

Sorry, but mixing HTML and CSS and {xxxx} framework and then adding the back end is for you young guys. I'm 57 ... and prefer things a bit more simple.

I have been mainly focused on one project for the last 23 years so now just sticking my head back out of the sand to see what the real world looks like today.

Dale, MCT / MCSE / MCDBA / MCAD / MCSD / ...


Hi Dale,

It is good to read about you. Thanks for writing.

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