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re: As someone that has extensively worked on Bitbucket I'm a bit sad to not see more mentions here 😢 Would people mind sharing what their opinion is o...

A previous company I worked for had all their stuff on Bitbucket (we also used JIRA, tried and quickly abandoned Bamboo, never used Pipelines). My immediate impression of it is that the decision to use Bitbucket is never made without input from someone who routinely wears a suit to work. Like other Atlassian offerings it's enterprise software through and through in that it centers the system rather than the user, with all the consequences you'd expect. There's a lot more effort involved in setting up and managing Bitbucket or especially JIRA than there is in user-centric tools like GitHub or Trello, for example. The effort can be worth it if you're a big enough organization but that's the kind of situation where you know whether you're in it.

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