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I'm a very fast touch-typer and mousing slows me down + isn't great for my wrist (hence vim; I even use i3, a keyboard-driven tiling window manager). I can easily write select * from tbl limit 100 in the time it would take me to navigate the menus to do the same in a graphical tool.

psql looks spartan at first, but a little configuration fixes that. pspg is also quite nice. I can write a simple query, navigate and search the results, open it back up in vim with \e, save and quit and get the new results, and so on, all without moving my hands away from the home row.

I'm sure you can make it very nice, but I like having my DB tool centralized in my IDE I guess and I'm pretty mousy. I guess for me its lack of experience in it and also the help command isn't great for getting you connected to DB or even realizing you need to. Haha. Thanks for sharing though!

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