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Discussion on: I am surprised more people are not using these tools!!

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That’s hilarious you just, or maybe have been wanting to, build and push a list of underused programming links to Netlify. I’ve been a sideline observer of programming and it’s freedom for far to long. With my ADD I’ve accumulated too many bookmarks but finally past couple weeks have been designing a theme with components and such that I like. It was more for me and what I like than something that could be on product hunt, needless to say, after I checked out what you made I can’t stop laughing. The drawing I did of a homepage and code I have in a GitHub repo is just about the same as yours. The cards layout with small shadow, the pics on the cards, the site info, the tags. Sorry for just writing all this, I was just sitting here looking at what you just did and it’s just so funny. More power to you, I hope it does very well for you on product hunt.