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When we moved to town, we picked an apartment on the bus line (something I'd only used back home when I had jury duty). It's about 40 minutes, walking to the stop, riding the bus in rush hour, walking to the office. It's really nice.

Then I bought a folding bike. It's light and folds up so I never worry about any theft. I park it at my desk for a $600 savings from buying a permit (let alone we don't have a car payment anymore).

On days I just feel like it, I ride into work the whole way. Using online maps, I found a route w/ mild traffic and only a few hills that's 4 miles, about 20 minutes from locking my front door to walking up to my desk.

I used to log my rides on my watch, but I stopped wearing that, and I just like enjoying the breeze, the sounds of the neighborhood, maybe some music, a silly-hearted podcast.

I still ride the bus with my bike on the rack. I bought a Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator, and will fool around with beats and melody on the drive. I've really embraced the "passenger life".

I always take a bus back home. I've found a destination that leaves me about a 10 minute ride from home, and is again mild about traffic and hills. A nice meditative reset before arriving home to my beloved spouse and pups.


Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator

Googled it, I think I'm in love ❤️

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