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Q: What tools do you use to make your resume?
A: LibreOffice Writer

Seriously, I have never used a fancy tool to create one. Just something like Word or Open Office Writer has done the trick.

In terms of content I try to keep it to 3-4 pages and have the following sections in mine. This seems to work well in my country, expectations may be different in other countries.

  • General Details - containing my full name, email address, postal address, phone number, LinkedIn profile and personal website links.

  • Personal Statement and Career Objective - a couple of paragraphs explaining who I am, what I have done, and what I would like to do going forward.

  • Technical skills summary - table of top 6 skills including their name, a rating (low, med, high) and a short description of how many years I have used PHP, html etc skills. Put high skills first.

  • Employment timeline - Names and dates of companies I have worked for with the newest first. I include my job title and a couple of sentences describing what I do / did there including the technologies and processes used (Agile for example).

  • Qualifications and Training History - similar to the employment timeline, this contains dates and names of my qualifications including the institution I studied at. Sometimes I include additional details such as when I was top student on one of the courses.

  • Referees - names, job titles, and contact details of a couple of referees. For CVs submitted online to job websites I often delete this information and just put "this information is available on request".

Generally I think shorter is better. Recruiters and companies don't have the time to read a whole novel about your life, so details should be succinct. In interviews they will normally ask you to go in to more details about particular roles then.

Also since team fit seems to be as important as technical ability, in the website linked to in the resume I like to have a section on personal hobbies and interests.


Hi Douglas, I'll give LibreOffice Writer a try. Thank you for the great input.

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