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Discussion on: My new book has just been released! Here is how I did it and how you can do the same 🚀

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Douglas McKechie • Edited

Interesting to hear your experiences and the process you went through for writing the book. I was involved as a technical reviewer for a Packt book a few years ago and have often wondered what it was like for others.

As a reviewer I found it hard work, particularly the unrealistic turn around of 24 hours expected for me to review a whole chapter, including checking that the code worked which often it didn't - it was littered with bugs.

While it was great to get a mention in the front of the book as one of the reviewers, sad to say that the experience put me off working with Packt again.

As you mention they found me through Linkedin because I was an early user of the technology involved. I suppose it was great to help others learn it by contributing to the book.

Congrats on the launch of your new book and I hope it does well.

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Remo H. Jansen Author

Thanks! I think the short deadlines for the reviews is due to the pace of movement of some software these days. As I said I found the review phase harder than the writing phase because the deadlines are much more relaxed during the writing phase.