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Discussion on: How did you learn how to code?

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I was a kid from a poor immigrant family that happened to land in a lucky suburb of the United States where they had just built a new primary school that was funded by a learning software company. This was back in the late '80s.

The company provided the school with lots of computers and software in exchange for getting to test their software out on the kids. So a lot of our learning revolved around using computers. Add to that, we had regular computer classes and a programming club.

Starting around age 10, I started learning BASIC programming, and I fell in love with it. I can still remember the first little programs I wrote. I would go to the local library and check out books about BASIC and replicate all the programs and exercises in them. There wasn't a lot of software around back then, so anything extra that you could create by yourself was like magic.

Junior high didn't offer anything in the way of programming education, but in high school, I took PASCAL and COBOL classes, then Java classes later. Decades later, currently I'm mostly in the web dev world, so JS.