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Discussion on: My journey in to Crystal from Ruby

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Andrew Stuntz • Edited

I feel like there are only two things in your "The Pain of Ruby" list that have anything to do with Ruby!?

Even then I have a hard time seeing how their related to ruby.

  1. Tons of Nil errors
  2. Typos! I can't spell initialize correctly the first time ever. Even that time took me 2 tries.

And those two things barely have to do with Ruby. Nil errors are evident of poorly designed Ruby and something that proper unit testing can handle.

And a one minute test suite is nothing!? How many tests are you running? Is testing taking long cause you practice TDD?! You should be able to isolate and unit test a single to a couple of files. If you have that many tests breaking and can't isolate parts of the test suite is more evidence of poorly designed Ruby.

Note: I think Crystal is awesome. But lets be honest, static typing is not going to solve the problems you list above.

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Jeremy Woertink Author

You are correct. Most my issues in Ruby have nothing to do with Ruby itself. It's a great language that will remain in my repertoire. Could I solve the issues I have by sticking with Ruby? Yes, I sure could. Will Crystal solve all my issues? Nope, it sure won't. Thanks for reading. Be sure to check out my others posts.