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Discussion on: Write Errors That Don't Make Me Think

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Thai Pangsakulyanont • Edited

This is a really great post for referencing. Thanks for writing it!

For a really great example, I think the TypeScript compiler really gets it right, especially on the SEO:

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that they even included this very specific error “error TS1185: Merge conflict marker encountered.”. Most other parsers gave a more generic message, such as “Unexpected token '<<'” (Chrome) or “Unexpected token” (Babel, although to its credit it also includes the relevant lines from the source code).

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swyx Author

thanks Thai!

yeah the TS errors are next level... did you know they are even separated out for i18n? so they may have multiple error codes for the same English message just because it translates to different texts in other languages. i learned that from Orta's livestream.

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Thai Pangsakulyanont

😱 Whoa, that's really next level. Never knew that, thanks for mentioning it!