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Discussion on: Automating My Deploys From GitHub to Glitch

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Thai Pangsakulyanont

Thanks you for this! This Git hook is the missing piece for me to sync changes from GitHub to Glitch directly.

So far I tend to do the other way around, editing and prototyping stuff in Glitch and have it synchronized to GitHub. I have a central repo that runs every morning (on GitHub Actions) to sync my 10+ Glitch projects to GitHub. With this, now I know how to do a two-way sync, yay!

By the way, should the Git hook also run refresh so that changes are reflected in the Glitch editor in case someone is viewing it? Are there any pitfalls of doing that?

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Melissa McEwen Author

Ah good idea, I think adding Refresh would help in case you have it open in the editor. I'll try it out.