Is remote job a good solution for you? Pros and cons of working remotely

Duomly on October 29, 2019

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Humanity is hurtling towards self annihilation, yet I sat in traffic this morning. For literally no reason that I could discern. I can easily do my job from home, as can many people. However, I can't work from home yet because it's considered "privilege" I haven't unlocked yet as a newer employee.

...Imagine if more people worked from home? Would lessen a huge chunk of our climate impact.


"Pros of working remotely" - You have this as the title of the second section, which should be "Cons of working remotely". ;)


I'm in a more or less unusual situation in that I live literally across the street from work. My "commute" is a 5-min walk (most people walk longer to get to transit or to their parking spot at work), so short that, if the weather doesn't suck I usually go for a walk before coming to work.

Still, I do work from home on occasion. There are days where I estimate I easily did the equivalent of three work days at the office by working one day at home. That's especially true when working on something that requires your full focus.

I thought I would be too distracted working from home but quickly found out that it's usually not the case. Also, being an introvert there are days where I need to recharge and not be around people. Working from home comes in handy.

Some days I find that it's just not working or, as happened a few weeks ago, my Internet connection went down in the middle of the day. Then I just grab my laptop and go to the office across the street. :D


If you have a possibility to work partially remote that's a great solution! :)


I have about one year and a half working from home everyday. I was very afraid of that because in a previous job we have like one or two home office days per month and I was always distracted as you clearly explained, so my fear was to fail because of that.
But it turned out to be very cool, once you know you HAVE TO do your assignments, in my case, I started to focus on finishing my tasks and when there's not much job, I can do home chores or even study or develop new skills, so it's pretty cool. I love my job.


Your attitude is very important, if you can organize your work, then you can really benefit from home office :)


I really enjoyed reading your perspective on the pros and cons of working remotely. I just have one thing to add to the pro of it helping your health. Not going into an office and touching the same doors, countertops, etc. as your coworkers can also keep you from getting sick often.

I did an online bootcamp and once I started working I got sick 2 times within the first 2 months because taking public transportation and being around other sick people hit my immune system pretty hard!


We have a solution for this, we use antibacterial gel and drink warm water with lemon every morning, it's very good for immunity :)


yeaaah , remote projects is very good , but Unfortunately i can't get remote projects . because my country is Sanction . i dont know what is our fault but we can't do this currently


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