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Discussion on: Live like a monk - the key to success

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Davide de Paolis

loved this article, and i can relate so much. (and wrote something similar - reducing the noise in your daily life here
my wife and i decided to throw away our TV when our first son was born - 13 years ago - and it was the best choice ever. We bought big screen again 5 years ago when he broke his leg and had to stay 2 months at home, but we never connected the cable for the TV, we just use it 3 evenings a week to watch movies that we choose at the library - or lately on Prime. no series, no crap, no ads. just movies or docu.
also the social life fatigue, here in germany i basically have no social life ( if it means dinners and parties ), when i go back to italy of course i visit friends but as you said.. I found it a bit sad, boring ( and a waste of time) when the only common topic is reheat the memories from 15 years ago. sometimes it is good laugh, but not every time you meet.
just live in the present and look at the future!!

Basically yes, i believe i live like a monk too, but i also like climbing, hiking and other sports a lot... so i prefer to see myself maybe like those shaolin monks. :-)

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Sandor Dargo Author

Thanks for your comment, Davide! In fact, you popped up in my mind while I was writing this article. I think these feelings appeared in several of your posts.

That's a good one, shaolin monks! Do you also want their hairstyle? I've almost got it - naturally! :D