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Discussion on: What should you do after you fail the technical interview?

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Davide de Paolis • Edited

nice article.

  • remember that coding and solving problems in software engineering is not the same as answering tricky quizzes during technical interviews.
  • tell yourself that every failure helps you to improve and do better the next time
  • send an email to the company/interviewer if you can get feedback about the tech interview. some emails might go unanswered, in some you will get a very generic and politically correct reply ( which is basically useless) but in some cases, you might get some valuable info to let yourself learn from the experience.
  • try to go through all the questions and see if you can - in a more relaxed state and with the help of google - finally answer them properly
  • keep a "diary" of all the questions and periodically go through them. ( your skill will have grown over time and you will smile at the memory of how you struggled to answer some of them)
  • practice, practice, practice i wrote about it this morning as well ;-)
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Madison Kanna Author

Thanks for sharing, great advice. And also, awesome article about practicing for whiteboarding interviews. Definitely using some of your tips!