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Discussion on: What do you do within the first 30 minutes of starting your work day?

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Dave Cridland

I'm not a morning person - when I worked remote for a company stateside, I almost had to tz-shift backwards - so I start with lots of tea.

Then I skim over the state of the world - read up on Slack, check on long-running jobs (current one started 5 days ago and will finish this evening), and generally do what I'd call "swapping in context" - looking at the open editors and letting the recollection slowly dawn on what I parked last night.

Then it's "stand-ups", which, being all-remote at the moment, are much more verbose than an office stand-up. I like this, as I'm always remote, and this is my social touchstone of the day.

After that, I've got a good idea of the state of the world, I know what the priorities are for the day, I'm ready to continue work on whatever I was working on before, and I can crack on with whatever else is most needed.

But first, another cup of tea.