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Hi Jonathan. I'm so old I remember when Google was good and Microsoft was evil. These days, I'm always amazed at how Microsoft is pushing out tools that used to cost big bucks as a free download - and Visual Studio is a perfect example of that.

As part of the development team for such tools, how has this strategy shift of Microsoft changed the way you guys approach building the software?


It allows the individual product teams (such as myself!) to focus entirely on developer value, and understanding how to address real pain points. I'm personally very passionate about improving developer productivity and team cohesion, and so it's great to be able to build tools (such as Live Share) that can reach a broad audience, and allow me to engage the community, like I'm doing right now :)


Right, that makes sense - it gives you, in effect, a much shorter feedback loop. Is there any pressure on what features end up as "premium" - Professional or Enterprise in Microsoft terms?

Not really. For each release, there are discussions about the different SKUs, and what might make sense where. But in general, the trend is to move more capabilities into all SKUs (e.g. CodeLens just moved down to community+).

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