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Discussion on: On the Occasional Misdiagnosis of "Not Invented Here Syndrome"

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Dave Cridland

I work for a critical messaging company.

If I were to suggest we should create our own database, this would be clearly NIH at its worst. We use databases, of course. We also use web servers, and all sorts. I wouldn't advocate trying to duplicate any of those.

If I were to suggest we should create our own messaging server, this makes a lot more sense - of course we could use another existing one, but our whole company is about messaging, so it makes sense that we should fully own our solution. We can, of course, survive on an existing server for some time, though.

If I were to suggest that we should use a pre-existing messaging client, though, that would be bizarre - we obviously need to write our own mobile apps. But we use existing libraries to do so - perhaps we'll start to commit back to those, and perhaps we might eventually choose to write our own.

So to me, the argument isn't about "high" or "low" level, it's about whether it makes sense to own a particular component given your mission. I think of this as a critical path through the stack, though I freely admit I'm mixing technical metaphor here.