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Yeah they do. In Data Science I've been asked to solve silly non-data science related questions on a whiteboard.

Recently we hired a Data Scientist where I work, and I was tasked to screen the candidates. We gave them an option to present a project of their choice that covered certain topics related to the job, or gave them an assignment that was 100% related to the posted job.

The interview consisted on bringing their solved assignment, and we would go over and ask questions about things their missed, or didn't have time to put much effort into it because of other responsibilities. We were VERY clear the assignment was only to asses their expertise for the posted job, and they didn't have to spend much time on it as they would be guided in the interview to solve the problems they didn't have time to tackle. I would say that assignment was only 20~30% of the weigh of the final decision. All but one candidate passed the assignment. The one who missed clearly needed a little extra experience for the position.

We need to see candidates as people, and not objects.

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