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I do a bunch of conference speaking myself, but I've only done 1 keynote so I'd love to pick your brain a little on how you do yours: What's your process look like for developing a keynote talk?

  • Do you generally reach out to a conference, or do they come to you?
  • How do you pick the best topic for you to speak on for a given conference?
  • How do you research the conference and audience to figure out what parts of your knowledge will be useful to them, vs what they might already know or what might go over their heads?
  • How can you tell when a project or product is "good enough" to give a talk about?
  • Got any favorite heuristics for balancing time spent on speaking with time spent on doing stuff to speak about? I kind of struggle with this personally :)

Hi E! :)

I usually work on my keynote talks with the organizers but make sure it's a big enough idea that is relevant to the entire conference.

I used to reach out to conferences but now they just reach out to me.

I choose my topics based on what I'm excited about - the only way to choose talks.

Well... I go to very targeted confs so I usually apply what I'm talking about to the actual technology.

If I find a product or project amazing, then I'll talk about it! :)

I try to spend about 20-30% of my time on learning new tech or working on talks and speaking. I just block it off bc it's important to me - though I should do this with working out too dangit !:)

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