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Discussion on: Do you use the Dvorak Keyboard?

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I do. Within a week, i was typing faster than i ever did in Qwerty. The trick to learning it quickly is to print out the layout, tape it on top of your monitor, and don't look at your keyboard. Once you learn it, you can throw away your printout. I've now been using Dvorak exclusively for almost 30 years. No you don't need a special keyboard, and I've never bought a dvorak keyboard, ever. It's easier on your wrists, and it's much faster since your fingers don't have to move much. When moving to other computers, I've become an expert on temporarily changing keyboard settings. If not, i just look at the Qwerty keys. Going to dvorak has been the best decision I've ever made. I'm a software developer and i love the way the keyboard almost feels like an extension of my brain due to the speed. Good luck!