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Discussion on: Correct a Beginner About Buzzword Technologies

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Stefanos Kouroupis • Edited

Kubernetes has way more capabilities than just an orchestrator for containers can also for example handle multiple versions of an application targeting specific users (gradually releasing a new feature) docker compose works with swarm which is the docker alternative to kubernetes.

Cassandra is really powerful and it has an ingenious peer to peer system so as to add and sync nodes and you could even design a system where specific information exists in specific nodes at specific times. It is specifically designed for consistent writes.

Rabbit and Redis I think are dead on.

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Corey McCarty

I'd like to add that Cassandra uses (as one possible replication method) Gossip protocol which stems from Leslie Lamport's paper that I enjoyed called "Part Time Parliament". The basic premise comes down to each node asking others for updates to the data that it may have missed.