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Discussion on: Almost a month since I started studying Swift and that what I learned

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Eljay-Adobe • Edited on

What version of Xcode were you using? I'm finding 12.x to be a lot nicer than 11.x and earlier.

(I'm super-biased, since I was a dev at Microsoft working on Visual Studio. I think Visual Studio has some excellent capabilities, especially in the area of debugging and multiple document interface handling. I also think Xcode has some very nice features, and has slowly-but-surely been getting better over time. Both also have some things that annoy the heck out of me. I've also used Eclipse extensively, to which I give it good marks. (Not to take away from the cool folks at JetBrains, they rock too.))

But mostly I use Vim.

What do you like or dislike about Swift itself, ignoring Xcode? Or was Xcode itself the sole reason for an unhappy experience Swift?

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Rossano D'Angelo Author

I have Xcode 12.3 (updated this morning so I think it was the earlier version).

The language itself is "weird" but I think that's only because I didn't spend lot of time on it. I use JavaScript at work (React and GraphQL) so when I had to use let for a constant it was painful 😄
I also didn't like too much the UI builder.. I found it complicated to use with all those options.. I don't know, I didn't find it "right" for me.