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The MacBook Pro has one of the finest trackpads available. It is amazing. However, even the finest trackpad created so far by the big brains in Cupertino cannot cure me of my utter disdain and loathing of trackpads.

I use a mouse. I bring a mouse with me when I carry my MBP around.

I also bring a real keyboard with me too, if I expect to use the MBP for anything useful (like... programming). The keyboard I tote around is the Razer Blackwidow X Tournament Edition Chroma. It's an okay/acceptable keyboard, not my favorite (that'd be the IBM Model M -- best keyboard ever made). But the Blackwidow has a smaller footprint because they got rid of the number pad, making it slightly more carryable, and it fits in my laptop bag (swag from WWDC 2007).

The MBP may have the world's finest trackpad, but it has to have one of the worst keyboards.

Apple only made one decent keyboard, and that was the Apple Extended Keyboard M0115. All their other keyboards have been disappointment. They're gorgeous. But not functional. I think form should follow function, not vice versa.

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