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Discussion on: The funny Java vs Kotlin battle

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Well said! Languages are tools. The tools are either suitable or less-than-suitable for a given problem domain.

Java and Kotlin are both very mature, successful languages, on JVM which is an amazing platform. (And the IDE tools available with the refactoring power is jaw-droppingly wonderful.)

I sort of liken the Java/Kotlin battle like the Java/C# battle. Same story, once again. Java on JVM is successful, with wonderful tools. And C# on .NET is successful, with wonderful tools.

Which tool to use, for which platform, really depends on the problem trying to be solved and for what target audience, and with what kind of deployment model.

Everything in the top 50 of the TIOBE Index charts is easily a winner, as a reflection of the industry.

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Lemuel Ogbunude Author

I couldn't agree more!

Also, the battle is kinda healthy for the languages to keep up and not slack.