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Discussion on: Turn a Pandas DataFrame into an API

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Emanuel Giannattasio

I guess, you need to update the doc...all beneath function must be called with

for example, to read a stream and load in pandas dataframe the code is the next:

df ="USERNAME/financial-reference-data/s-and-p-500-constituents"))

At last, this work for me. Regards Eric is a great solution Beneath, I will try to use it with streamlit.

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Benjamin Egelund-Müller • Edited

Hey Emanuel (and anyone else following along here!),

I know await/async (asyncio) can be pretty confusing if you haven't used it before – it's perfectly normal to use Python without it, but we think it's such an awesome feature that we wanted to use it for Beneath.

To help explain it better, I added a new docs page to explain the what/how/why of it:

We want to keep the example snippets concise, but we'll try to link to this helper from the examples to avoid confusion :)

Thanks for the input!