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Discussion on: Why you should learn C++ for game development

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Someone mentioned to me game programming in Rust recently. It compiles down to machine code, so should be performant. Also it doesnt have a garbage collector, which people claim is detrimental for games. And can also be used to compile to webassembly to create OpenGL browser games. What you people think?

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Rust is a popular game programming as well. Rust's syntax is similar to C++, but they distinguish themselves as a safer programming language. That being said, Rust was introduced in 2010 before the recent versions of C++ introduced their safety measures. While I'm not very knowledgable on Rust, it seems it was introduced to target pain points that C++ has since been addressing as well.
Of course, in our opinion, any language is worth learning! Since Rust's syntax is also similar to C++, you might find it easier to learn C++ after getting fluent with Rust.