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[edit]: The person who think in that way must be some hipster business analyst and data scientist mix personality who thinks who knows the code because of some data science that he/she does on some framework and he/she thinks knows business.
I want to ask that person have you ever tried to maintain software for 20 years? Have you ever tried to send patches to your 10 years older code and fix something or add feature on it?
This design docs, clean coding matter a lot at that point. If your goal only deliver little small tiny project, just keep going what you are doing but this software industry needs more well written, robust products not the apps which crash all the time and cannot be supported in 2 years


I didn’t, I did right now. I found it stupid beginning and cut reading in the middle sorry for that. You were not serious and my comment will goes to somebody who is seriously think in that way😂

Hahaha, I wrote from the perspective a more jr. developer who might lack the experience to understand why things are the way they are in the software. I did know it would cause a little bit of anger but hoped it would bring some humor as well :).


I will add it here :Edit: Have you finished reading the entire article! Congrats. I am adding in this piece to save some people time. For those of you that are passionate about programming, your blood is probably boiling right now. You probably read every sentence of this piece and assumed some arrogant young programmer wrote this piece...because let's be honest...we all know at least one programmer who actually thinks like this. This piece was meant to be satire. So I do hope you enjoyed it.

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