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Discussion on: Timekeeping Isn’t Toxic. Your Management Is.

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ender minyard

Honestly, timekeeping feels toxic because it is. The idea that every minute of your day needs to be tracked and optimized for Productivity™️ is quite ominous.

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Devs @ 7pace Author

yeah, we agree - that's why we did our best to make an Azure DevOps extension that is super integrated into the normal development workflow. Sometimes companies just need to track time spent on things (for pay, taxes, planning etc) but that doesn't mean it should have to be an annoying thing for the dev team.

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Valts Liepiņš

RIght, despite loving the challenge of maintaining and upgrading a complex system, the constant stress of having to report everything in the right places makes it tough to keep up the enthusiasm.

It's like they want to make me unproductive.