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Discussion on: 7 Pieces of Information to Include in Technical Blog Posts

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One thing I find really frustrating is where authors decide to post a snippet but trim out imports or dependencies, which they think are somehow dull. So you end up trying various versions and trying to work out if the error is in your implementation or because it's the wrong artifact.

For instance, in Java unit testing you will find several implementations of "assertThat", "contains" and the like. Plenty of Entity objects, and so on. When I am trying to learn a new skill, I will just avoid blog posts that don't include the imports and which don't link to a github project for the completed example.

And speaking of the linked github repo, don't get me started on Baeldung and the articles with broken examples where you see that the repo has been updated to fix the problems you puzzle over, but the article is left in non-functional condition!

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Stephanie Morillo Author

Thanks, Endie! Many people commented on the desire for dependencies and imports in technical blog posts. We should all be sure to include those!