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Md. Abu Taher 👨‍💻

Learning programming is like riding a motor-cycle but also knowing the traffic rules. You must experience it practically and you must know different rules.

The community will ask you to learn the rules first. Of course they will because it makes sense. There are two ways to learn faster in that case.

1. Try and break things, learn by doing.
2. Learn the basics first, and then learn by doing.

Guess what will be faster and better?
Learning the very basics and then doing it. It will be faster because you will understand faster, and build something better.

Otherwise you are just learning how to ride the motorcycle, and killing people while trying to learn the traffic rules by yourself.

If you want a more proper answer, it would be trying to learn with the companies most valuable production code. Well, you should try to learn but not with the production code on line. Not if you can manage the risks.

There is another way to learn,
3. Learn and well, don't do it.

Well, that's what most people do. They don't learn because they are super lazy to do it. They read books, watch videos and that's all. No putting anything into practice because they are afraid of breaking and making mistakes.

Come on! You will make mistakes every now and then when riding the motorcycle, maybe you will break few rules. But if you learn rules and never put them into practice, you are gonna kill others.

Human lives wasted just because you were lazy. tsk tsk...

...umm well, learn basics, practice hard, finish this in 1 year, or, just try to do anything without any guide, maybe you will be able to finish the same amount of learning in 5 years, who knows.

Experience matters. If we don't learn from others experiences and also don't experience it ourselves, then we are not actually learning anything.

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Joe Fazzino Author

I understand the metaphor, however I do think it's a little over the top. There is a reason that you must pass a test to ride a motorcycle and as you say it's because you put lives at risk.

When you're learning how to code, an uncaught null pointer exception will not be the difference between life and death.

Of course there is software out there that literally is life and death stuff, but you need to pass an interview and be fully vetted before you get to that stage which you could equate to passing your motorcycle test.

To maybe take the analogy further than intended. A new learner who has just passed their test will be more dangerous on the road than someone who's been driving for 20+ years. Theory doesn't give you experience, but experience inherently leads itself to theory.

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Md. Abu Taher 👨‍💻

I used two different examples just to show how dangerous the thought is. Ofc I exaggerated a bit just to explain, but it's dangerous nonetheless.