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Discussion on: What Are the Most Important CS Principles to Learn as a New Dev from a Non-Traditional Background?

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Erik W

this might be a non-intuitive answer but I feel like the best thing my degree did for me was force me to NOT use frameworks. For example, I wrote a lot of vanilla PHP that manually connected to a database, a database whose schema I literally drew out with pen and paper before building in the MySQL terminal. not only did this give me an appreciation for things like ORMs but it helped me understand the underlying concepts, leading to better interpretation of error messages now.

Similarly, learning C/C++ fostered a better understanding of even lower level concepts, again helping me understand what's going on when I get weird error messages.

So the TL;DR is that I guess CS concepts didn't help as much as being forced to walk before I could run did

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Victoria Crawford Author

This is one thing I am really thankful to Flatiron School for. They taught me how to do things the "long" way first and then they were like "oh and by the way here is this awesome ORM/framework that does all of that for you." As a SWE coach right now, a good bit of our students get frustrated with this learning style, but they'll come to realize that it's beneficial to know the how and why of the magic going on behind the scenes of frameworks and ORMS.