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3 Hacks that can get you Hired at any Tech Company.

Hello everyone 👽 My name is Ernie Salguero & I come in peace from another planet 🖖.
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For many years I've been seeing so many developers suffer landing a job in the tech industry. Let me share with you 3 hacks on how you could land your job as a developer in any company.
1.) Proof of work; Let's be honest, there are many people with the title Developer & have little practice in the field. Consistency & Practice create perfection in your craft, & this is why having a proof of work will better serve any developer, having a hard time landing a job.
2.) Being Unique; During the past decade we've had many people doubt the internet space & ignore the great advantages the internet provides to anyone. Pre-covid all that's changed, I think the world came to realize the internet is here to stay & change everything. That leaves us with the race of developers applying at big tech companies looking for opportunities to grow & a high paying salary. The only thing that will distinguish you from the many developers at your interview, is being unique.
3.) Credentials; Okay this is a very important factor, if you want to be hired by a company, you will need credentials. You may ask why? Because every company needs to know what kind of credibility you have before making the important decision to bring you on board. What can I do you ask.? Work on building small projects for small companies or startups even if it means lower salary. This will build your reputation & by no time companies like Google will want to hire you. Attract your customer, & companies are your customers. Once you do these 3 things you'll be on your way to success.! Best of luck everyone!

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