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Discussion on: TypeScript?.. or JavaScript?

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Alistair MacDonald Author • Edited

That's interesting. When I wanted to learn OOP back in 2007, I started learning JavaScript Prototypal Inheritance. I didn't understand a thing I was reading. I had to switch over to Java to learn OOP, which was much clearer. Then once JavaScript Prototypes began to make sense to me, I started to realize that I was not really learning OOP in the traditional sense; JavaScript's composition model was meant to be different, but people were not getting it.

Prototypes are awesome, and I used them for a long time before discovering cleaner alternatives. I was giving a presentation on Web Audio at the Wakanday Conference in Boston, in 2013, where Douglas Crockford, the inventor of JSON, introduced the audience to the power of JavaScript Closures. That was the end of OOP for me.

If I remember correctly, this is the video of Douglas Crockford's talk here: