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Discussion on: Implementing SOLID and the onion architecture in Node.js with TypeScript and InversifyJS

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Eloy Pérez • Edited

Take it easy. Here, in the article, there´s some work and time invested trying to explain another point of view about node and how to build software in this platform. So, respect for other opinions. I respect what you`re saying about JS and how people work with it taking advance of the flexibility that provides...but this requires a very advanced skills and discipline to maintain the state of the soft clean, stable and readable for others. You must be really good on JS (sure you are), but for others like me who are not that proficient on JS we appreciate solutions like this or Nest that allow us to build (yes, the same house, with the same structure, features etc many times...) projects safely, with rail guidance etc because sometimes you can not wait to be a rock and roll programming star to build and finish an app. With JS you can build custom fancy houses, great... but sometimes you have to build a block hundred identical houses with many workers and in this scenario, Remo solution, fits very well in terms of productivity. I think that it was not Remo´s intention to offend "node's pures engineers" ;)

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