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Discussion on: PHP is still awesome (even though it's Awful!)

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How are you?
I work in china, I have a great team, we are senior team, we are growing in our business
now we want to work on Upwork site
but unfortunately, Upwork usually suspend Chinese
it's our trouble
we need someone to create Upwork account and run it for our team
we will pay for it
we can earn money lots a month
every month we will pay it, only what we need is Upwork account
thanks for your reviewing my suggestion
I hope we can have a good friendship with each other.
If you agree with my suggestion, please give me your slack or skype ID
Best regards

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Cody Crumrine Author

Boy I sure would love money lots a month...

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falcon721 • Edited on

please send me your SkypeID or mail address.
Let's discuss about our deal.